June 2022 Software Update Available


Hexcode have made a new release of the GS-911 software.

This is a free update for all GS-911 users

New Features include:

  • PC app has a new WiFi / USB select option, making it quick and easy to switch modes
  • Online K001 Instrument Cluster Coding, Backup and Coding recovery for XKOMBI, XKOMBI50, XKOMBK46, XKOMBI03
  • Online K24 ZFE and Instrument cluster Coding, Backup and recovery
  • XDWA Coding (Automatic battery saving)
  • BMSM & BMSK Engine Coding promoted from Beta
  • K24 LED indicator retrofit, K24 DWA/RDC retrofit promoted from Beta
  • Various bugfixes

And lots more

For full details and screen shots visit the HEXcode website