March 2022 Software Update Available


Hexcode have made a new release of the GS-911 software.

This is a free update for all GS-911 users

New Features:

The GS-911 Diagnostics v2203.3 Windows PC application has the following updates included compared to 2201.3

Application functionality

  • Add HEX Cloud (online) Service Functions in PC App in addition to offline Service Functions
  • Add German translations to installer
  • Allow devices with corrupt firmware to attempt install
  • Increase firmware flashing speed and improve error logging

Additionally, GS-911 Diagnostics and the GS-911wifi Web App with CB 230 and DP 211 has the following new features:

Application functionality

  • Add Autoscan suggestion after VBat startup and user idle
  • Clickable link from Autoscan Model to Detected Vehicle
  • Clickable link from Autoscan Health Summary to Autoscan Controllers
  • Clickable link from Autoscan Controller to Controller functions
  • Clickable link from Autoscan Fault Code to HEX Forum for trouble shooting/discussion
  • Minor UI bugfixes and tweaks

Diagnostic functionality

  • Add K024 (BMSMP1, BMSK/P/2) Engine Controller Coding options
  • Add ZFE Fuel strip to Float conversion retrofit
  • Add K024 LED Retrofit
  • Add C-Evolution Service Reminder reset
  • Add Menus for R18 Bagger, R18 Transcontinental, C-Evolution
  • Add Support for controllers XBMSAE1, XAP20, XKOMB17
  • Don't attempt automatic bike detection without ignition - for better consistency
  • Various bug fixes

For full details and screen shots visit the HEXcode website