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GS-911 ProUnlimited subscription

NOTE: If you already have a GS-911 WiFi Pro version interface, you do NOT need this subscription

If you have a GS-911 WFi enthusiast interface you now have the option of turning it into a Pro level interface for $99 per year which removes the VIN limit and gives you:

  •  Unlimited VIN Support:  No limits on the number of BMW bikes that can be tested, diagnosed, and maintained.
  •  Endless Functionality:  Perform full-service and maintenance functions on an unlimited number of bikes.
  •  Priority Release Access: Stay ahead with access to new GS-911 software updates before the official public release.
  •  Easy Upgrades :  A streamlined process for customers to upgrade to a Professional license.
  •  Affordable: A cost-effective annual subscription without the need for large upfront payments.
  •  Flexible: Paid annually upfront with no ongoing commitment. Stop when you want and revert to the enthusiast level you had before with no penalty.

With ProUnlimited, you choose whether to keep your subscription going, or to pause renewal until you need it

To start a Pro-Upgrade subscription, plug your GS-911 interface into your computer, open the GS-911 software and choose Setup -> Device Activations, then click the "Subscribe to ProUnlimited", or "Manage my Subscription" button


What happens if I have VINs stored? Are they deleted?
Let's imagine you have 5 VINs stored and you start a ProUnlimited subscription. While the subscription is active, you'll have unlimited VINs. If you then cancel the subscription after the year and don't renew, your interface will revert to its previous state and have 5 VINs stored. You can start a new subscription at any time if you need the Unlimited VINs again

Does the laptop I use need an internet connection.

Not all the time, but yes, when you use the GS-911 software with a ProUnlimited subscription, your upgraded license needs to be regularly synchronised with the HEX servers so you will need the laptop to be able to periodically connect to the internet (you also need an internet connection to download the software updates)