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VIN Limits GS-911 Enthusiast

Q. What is the VIN limit?
A. The GS-911 is available in Enthusiast and Professional versions. The Enthusiast version is  limited to 10 different VINs, and the Professional version is unlimited, so has no VIN limit

Q. Which functions use up a VIN slot?
A1. These do NOT. Reading codes, Clearing codes and Viewing Live Data
A2. These DO. Other functions such as resetting service lights, brake bleeding etc

Q. I have two bikes, and may buy two more over the next few years. Which version do I need?
A. You need the Enthusiast version. With your four bikes, you’ll still have six free VIN slots for future use

Q. I have 11 friends with bikes and we're buying this together. Which version do I need?
A. You’ll need the Professional version with unlimited VINs

Q. Does resetting the service reminder again on the same bike use another VIN?
A. No, only different bikes will use up a fresh VIN slot. Once a bike is stored in a VIN slot, you can do all functions without any restrictions and it will not use any more VIN slots

Q. Can I remove a VIN to make room for another bike?
A, No, once a VIN is stored it cannot be removed, but if you run out of VIN slots, you can easily upgrade the interface to Professional level with unlimited VINs online (NOT USB 16 pin version, this is enthusiast only)

Q. I want to read or clear the codes on a friend’s bike, but don’t want to use a VIN slot
A. No problem. Reading or Clearing fault codes and viewing live data do not use up a VIN slot no matter how many bikes you do it on

Q. Can I see how many VIN slots are used?
A. Yes. Click [Help], then [About] in the GS-911 software to see the currently stored VINs and remaining free slots

Q. Can a VIN be accidentally added to my list?
A. No. The GS-911 software makes it very clear if a VIN will be added before you do it

Q. I lent my GS-911 to someone and now it has their VIN number stored. Can I remove it?
A, No, once a VIN is stored it cannot be removed