December 2019 software updates available

Support for 2019+ S1000RR and HP4 RACE, and additional cloud service functions.

GS-911 V1912.1 is available for download as well as software updates for the GS-911wifi web interface.

 New bike models supported:

  • 2019+ S1000RR
  • 2019+ HP4 RACE

 Added service functions:

  • Additional cloud service functions on XBMSMP1 controllers for S and K Series

 Changes to both the GS-911 PC app and GS-911wifi web interface

  • Various improvements and bug fixes

 Changes specific to the GS-911wifi PC App

  • Now uses Hex Innovate colours and logo.

 Changes specific to the GS-911wifi web interface

  • Allow ISO 8859 character set in TXT display
  • Better display of unknown environmental variables of fault codes for K24 bikes
  • Better fallback for missing translations in French, Spanish, Chinese and German.
  • More stringent date and number validation in the cloud service functions.

Visit the HEXcode website for more details



If you would like the ability to perform coding (Instrument cluster changing of units, e.g. miles/km, Celsius/Fahrenheit, Bar/PSI) on the following controllers (XKOMBI, XKOMB50, XKOMBI46, XKOMB03 (K1600, R1200, S1000, G310)) then please contact Hex to join our beta testing group.


Visit the HEXcode website for more details