VAUX-COM also allows you to view live sensor data from most modules. This is helpful when determining why a fault code has been set. Live data from the airbag module shown in VAUX-COM
This screen shows a page of live values from the airbag system.

You can see the actual resistance through the airbag circuits is shown so when you see a code showing one of the circuits is high or low resistance you can view the live data and see exactly what the problem is.

Now, when you clean the connection or replace the component you can recheck and feel totally confident the car is fixed.

There is no other safe way to measure the resistance of an airbag circuit, but this information takes the guess work out of an otherwise awkward repair job

There are many screens of live data. The screen above shows we are looking at values upto 16 of a total 34 available, and some modules have over 60 values available for display. Because there are so many values the ones you are interested in may not always be on the same screen. VAUX-COM allows you to mix and match the values on any screen by choosing values from the drop boxes. So if you want to monitor the warning lamp and battery voltage that's no problem, just drop the list boxes and choose any items to make your own screen


This video shows live sensor data being viewed on an Astra H CIM unit