Delivered complete with our latest EOBD Multi Protocol Interface.
This tool covers ISO (inc KWP2000), PWM, VPW and CAN-BUS so works on ALL EOBD and OBD2 cars including Ford

UniCarScan can read and clear current codes and pending codes on all EOBD and OBD2 compliant vehicles.

Both generic and manufacturer codes are displayed

This latest version of UniCarScan:
Reads and clears fault codes.
Displays full text meanings for engine, Body, Network and Chassis.
Includes generic P codes, and manufacturer specific codes.

Covers all systems used by manufacturers in the the EOBD and OBD2 standards
Shows detailed fault codes and the full text meanings for generic and even manufacturer specific faults

Displays live data for engine sensors recognised by the EOBD standard.
This includes: RPM, Coolant temp, Air temp, Timing, Lambda Sensor/s, Road Speed, Throttle Position, Airflow or MAP sensor etc...

Live data can be displayed in table and graph form. Up to two values at any time can be displayed on the screen in a rolling graph

Lambda sensor values can be displayed in live data, but also the program can analyse each sensor and tell you its exact condition.
Switching voltage and frequency are displayed clearly and precisely

Hardware details:

Bright LEDs show data flow to and from the car.

Immune from the common aftermarket radio problem which destroys most interfaces in a second

This is a high specification interface suitable for both daily workshop and DIY use.