This demonstration shows VAG-COM used on a car to diagnose a problem with the ABS system. Various tests and procedures are shown including

  • It demonstrates reading fault codes and saving the displayed fault code to a file.
  • The code is cleared and after rechecking is found to have immediately re-occured. This indicates the fault is present on the car so further testing is shown
  • Next the demonstration shows how the output from each wheel speed sensor is measured and displayed by the software as the car is driven a short distance by an assistant.
  • The speed signal from each sensor is shown in the measuring blocks and the output can be seen to count up from 0 kph to approximately 10 kph on three wheels while one wheel remained at 0 kph.
  • The output is also shown using the VAG-Scope tool which is included on the CD. This demonstrates how the wheel speeds can be recorded and viewed after a short drive when there is no assistant available to drive the car.
  • Finally the ABS pump, brake pedal switch and modulator valve block are tested using the output tests part of the tool.


Click here to view the demo movie (440kb)

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